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Update: 21 November 2004

I've been travelling again, this time to Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and (of course) Canberra. Although most of the time I either forgot to take my camera or forgot to take pictures. Which is a habit that I'm going to try and get over. There are only a few new photos as a consequence, and the (much promised but always under construction) web map hasn't progressed any further. But I am starting to think a bit more about the web page, if that's any consolation. And, of course, there's less than 6 months until Eurovision 2005 in Kiev (which, co-incidentally, is going to the polls today to elect a new Ukranian president).

Anyway, enjoy!

Something Old

Well, old in an evolutionary sense anyway. In the middle ground of this photo there is a tiny piece of humpback whale popping above the water. Fortunately the whales actually came closer to the boat then this photo would indicate, although they wouldn't pose properly when I was trying to take a photo!

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

Something New

Kate: everyone...Everyone: Kate. New to the web site is the new aspect of this photo. And I thought that it would give Dan and Kate something to talk about (and someone to blame). This was the night I cooked parmesan crusted chicken the other week. I think at this time we were all taking a well deserved wine break.

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

Something Landscape

[ST: I thought I would leave this here, since it's pretty cool and all] This is Mount Rangitoto, or at least the view from just near the trig station next to the edge of the crater. Rangitoto was caused by a volcanic eruption, which is not uncommon in the Auckland area! Anyway, this is about 10 photos stitched together. If you want to have a closer look, and see if you can spot the Auckland skyline, there is also a medium and large version to have a look at.

Something Blue

I already used the whale photo, so I have to delve into the past to find a photo with some water in it. This is the new place (for those in the know: you know what I'm talking about). It gives some idea of the view, although this is only about half was to the top, so the view from the top pool is much more spectacular. Oh, and the beach is pretty close as well!

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

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