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Update: 3 November 2003

Something Old

What's going on here? Well, you'd have to ask the guilty parties. This is just one of a few coast photos that I have now put online, and I would be interested to know when they were taken (so many coast trips, so much alcohol, such a bad memory).

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

Something New

The new stuff this time around is the technology. If you look in the Photos section, you'll realise that clicking on an image has a slightly different effect to what it used to have. I won't spoil the surprise. Go and check it out!

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

Something Borrowed

Also in the Webmap section is the new Memorable Emails page. Content is a little bit sparse at the moment, but should pick up in the near future.

Something Blue

Open in my browser at the moment is: well, car insurance is on the mind at the moment, so it's the website of AAMI. The only reason I put this here is that it's really easy to get a quote (and pay) online, so it might be worth checking out the going rate.

By contrast, the NRMA has quite a useful comparison of new cars, which, if my net worth was more than a couple of postage stamps, would be quite useful to me. Enjoy!

If you exhaust the fun of that site (and that couldn't take more than 30 seconds), then go to the Links Page, where I've collected a few of my oft-used Internet addresses.


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