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Example: Canberra's co-ords are:
lat = 35s17, long 149e08
(This format is [degrees][direction][seconds])

Find your lat/long (and get a wacky horoscope)

The Webmap section is intended to collect travel related applications and items together in one place. For the moment, this means two things:
  1. The Webmap
  2. Memorable Emails

The remainder of this page is devoted to the Webmap. The Memorable Emails page can be accessed by clicking on the above link.

Webmap (under construction)

The Webmap is an interactive image, that allows indicators to be placed at a certain longitude and latitude on the map. The idea stems from the fact that many people I know are in exotic places around the world, and it would be nice to get some feel for where everyone is and how they are spread out.

The Map

The map is courtesy of the United Nations Cartographic Section, and is actually much more detailed than this image would suggest (I saved it in a low-res format so as not to make viewing it a pain).

Usage Instructions

Use the menu at left to add a name at a given latitude and longitude.

The Technology

At the moment, this section is more about what is going to happen. Hopefully, I will get a MySQL database up and running on the website, and this database will store the people/co-ordinate information. When the page loads, it will access the database using PHP and display the results superimposed on the map. At the moment, I'm not quite sure how to achieve this, but with any luck I'll find out soon.

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