Many thanks from Shaun and Kel to those that made the trip, especially those that trekked from near and far. For those that couldn't make it, we hope that these photos give some idea of what a magnificent day was had by all. We also welcome more photos (which we will add to the online collection) - so if you have some, please send them to

Official Photos

There are five rolls of Official Photos (all new!):


The photos are broken up into the following sections (All updated!):

New wedding

photo collections:

Related photo collections

Feedback on any of the photos is welcome. Important: If you want a High Resolution version of any of the photos, then email me ( and I will sort it out. If you try (for example) to print out any of the online photos, then it's likely to come out chunky and/or grainey (so the moral is: get the High Res version before trying to print).

There is also a bunch of photos taken by Richard Day (Mandy's other half) that you can find online on the Rich's Picassa Album site.

Keep in mind that the official photos are still to come (and will be added to the site when they arrive). For the time being, these were the people with digital cameras. (Maybe even at some point in the future I might scan in some of the table photos - but maybe I should keep that as a threat for another day!).

Volcano movie

Only for those with broadband connections - I took at 12 second (or so) movie of the volcano on Tanna erupting (AVI file - 20 Meg) (Link currently broken because it'll take to long to upload as an AVI). You might want to right click and save, rather than opening.


The ceremony and reception was held on 25 November 2006 at Gracehill (, and fortunately the sun was shining (although the wind was certainly blowing as well!).






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