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Shaun and Kel in Switzerland
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Season 07/08 Ski Season Photos

See below for photos classified thematically rather than by month. It makes them a bit harder to catalogue and deal with, but hopefully it will lend something to the narrative.
Event (Date)  Keywords
Michaela and Howard (27-29 July) Visit to Lausanne, Lavaux, Yvoire
Montpellier (1-5 August) Lyon, TGV, old town and beach
Ride from Yverdon (11-12 August) Hills and Goumen la Ville
London (17-20 August) Big Eye, Big Ben, big buildings generally...
Fondue and Vertigo (25-26 August) Parachutes and bicycles
Gavan and Jackie (5-12 September) Rochers de Naye and Zermatt (the Matterhorn!)
Ride from Le Pont (15 September) 22km of downhill
Kirsty and Hao (17-22 September) Lausanne, Les Diablorets, Fondue
Austria (29-30 September) Salzburg by dawn, and wedding in Fuschl)
Barcelona (1-6 October) Villefranca, Catalan, gaudi, tapas and pottery
Lisbon (7 - 8 October) Yellow trams, surreal buildings and seafood.
Rome (November) New! External link to Picasa album.
Berlin (December) New! External link to Picasa album (Search for the Berlin photos amongst ski and Christmas market photos!).

The previous Swiss photo galleries, which are classified by month.

Month Notable events
July 2007 Rochers-de-Naye 
June 2007 Paris, Strasbourg and Locarno
May 2007 Lausanne, Geneva, Montreaux and Evian les Bains
October 2006 Shaun and Kel's Swiss Trip
March and April 2007 Zuerich, Saas Fee and lots of Lausanne well
Available photo collections:
Collection Approximate Date
Some random photos of the ANU 5White Hockey Team (September 2006)
Stewart's Photo's from his Cuba trip (January 2006)
Stewart's Photo's at home in Switzerland (late 2005)

Stewart in India

The Rest of Stewart's India photos

(December 2005)

(December 2005)

Shaun and Kel in New Zealand (December 2005 - January 2006)
Howard and Michaela's end of year photos (December 2005 - January 2006)
Mum's Switzerland trip (August 2005)
Shaun's Grand Final win (August 2005)
Shaun in South East Asia (February 2003)

Byron Bay, Unigames and New Zealand

New Zealand - Second Batch

(July 2003)

(July 2003)

Simon's Party
(including special Dancing Andy shots)

(October 2003)
Byron Bay Trip (December 2003 - January 2004)
Golf, Sydney and Perth (January - February 2004)
Car photos (March 2004)
Mick and Davina's Wedding (20 March 2004)

Darwin and Random Photos

(May 2004)
New Zealand Trip (June 2004) 
Whale watching and dinner (October 2004)
Shaun's Admission Ceremony (18 February 2005)
Michaela and HowaNew!rd's Photos

Howard and Michaela aren't long back from their epic around the world trip. Below are the photos they collected along the way. Click on a page to look at that page of photos (there are also navigation links within the pages, so you don't need to keep coming back here). Just remember, if you want to get back to this page, click on the word "Photo" on the left hand menu.

New Zealand, Tahiti and Easter Island (December 2004)
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South America (December 2004)
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Europe (December 2004)
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Oma's 80th Birthday Party (December 2004)
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Not Europe (December 2004)

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Gold Coast Photos (including the Big Car!) (2005/6)

Brisbane Show Photos (2006)

Micheala and Howard's Northwest Australia Trip (October 2006)
Michaela and Howard's Swiss Trip (July 2006)
Miscellaneous collections:

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