Welcome to the 1.1 version of tipson.net. All of the section and pages have been revamped, and all of the old static information has now been moved from this, the front page, to a Rationale and History page.

Jump straight into any of the sections on the left, or alternatively go through the below headings (but beware, I make no promises about convergence, and although broadly based around sections there are a few hard-to-find (but hopefully worthwhile to look for) pages.

Update: 5 October 2003

Something Old

Photo for this update is Bryan and Simon in Simon's office. You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

Something New

The whole site has been updated, but probably the most interesting part (if I can ever get it to work) is the Webmap.

Something Borrowed

Also in the Webmap section is the new Memorable Emails page. Content is a little bit sparse at the moment, but should pick up in the near future.

Something Blue

Link of the moment is what I found when I typed "latitude longitude" into Google. The site is called AstroDienst, and the idea seems to be that your horoscope will be more exact is you know the geographic co-ordinates of your birthplace. Yep, those wacky Germans...

If your horoscope predicts more web browsing ahead, then go to the Links Page, where I've collected a few of my oft-used Internet addresses.


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