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Update: 13 November 2003

Something Old

Well, the weather's warming up, which means it's beach time! So, in keeping with the mood, it's time to remember Ol' Faithful, yep, Ed's house down at Mollymook (tourist site). This is Andy, and he's definitely a coast house regular. The only problem is that my camera is incapable of taking good photos of Andy. Although hopefully the problem will be solved when my new digital camera arrives.

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

Something New

The site is sadly lacking in new stuff, but hopefully this will also change shortly when the new space I'm purchasing comes online. So, shortly there will be more room for photos and a database (so maybe the WebMap will start working soonish). In the meantime, I've dragged the 2002 Eurovision Party Invite out of my mailbox. I'll put the other two online when I can.

Something Borrowed

Also in the Webmap section is the new Memorable Emails page. Content is a little bit sparse at the moment, but should pick up in the near future.

Something Blue

This week the subject near and dear to my heart is digital cameras. So, break it into two steps (as always): research and then buy. Not that I've purchased yet, but the two best sites for these purposes are (for an incredibly complete and concise record of just about every camera going around) and (for the cheapest camera prices, well... at least on the camera I'm looking at anyway).

For some other, more general links, go to the Links Page, where I've collected a few of my oft-used Internet addresses.


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