From: Shaun Tipson
Subject: Eurovision and Fondue Party
Sent: Monday, 20 May 2002 2:29 PM

Hi guys and gals,

Some of you may remember the fondue last year, others may remember the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Well, I've decided to merge the two events into one afternoon (and night) o' fun (for those of you that don't know what i'm talking about, hang in there!).

First of All

Most of the below is expanded upon (or repeated) at the web page i've whipped up: New page is

The Reason

Eurovision this year is in Estonia. The competition is next Sunday night (Aus time) but to give the sydney people a chance at making it down, I will record the contest and the Event (ie party) will be the following Saturday (June 1). Plus, Kirsty (and others) have expressed the need for more fondue!

What Makes It Possible

My parents are going to Europe for 4 weeks (yes, I am Ferris Bueller), so everyone can come over and enjoy Euro-pop in a surround sound environment.

What You Need

For the fondue, at least stuff to dip (bread for cheese and fruit for chocolate spring to mind, but you can be more creative then that!), and if you're keen then fondue ingredients as well. I'll probably also need a couple of fondue sets, since one will not be enough.

For the ESC, at least alcohol and a country. Choose a country from the list on the web site (see above) and let me know. National dress is optional, but make some kind of effort!

Logistical Details

Address: <start ed>My address<end ed>
Time and Date: Saturday, 1/6/02, around 6pm
Sleepover: Yep, if you want. Bringing a sleeping bag might be a good idea.

Ok, do your research and let me know!


(ps All the people I cc'd this email to might be too far away to make it. In which case it's just for your amusement and edification. If you could make it though it would be awesome!)

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