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Update: 8 January 2004

Welcome to the New Year! The site is now finally starting to gather a little bit of momentum (or, at any rate, content).

Something Old

Well, I guess I'm talking about old friends, rather than old photos. This is a photo from the Pandrew Patio at the North Sydney New Years Eve 2004 bash. Try to guess who the usual suspects are...

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

Something New

Wategoes Beach is one of the perfect places in the world to catch a few waves and enjoy the summer sunshine. This a panoramic photo. Well, actually, it's four photos stitched together using the software that came with my digital camera.

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section. The photo featured here is one of the many new photos online from the Summer 03/04 North Coast Roadtrip.

Something Borrowed


Something Blue


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