Lyon and Montpellier (1 - 5 August) (54 images)

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Stage one was Lausanne to Lyon by normal train, which was a little painful but unfortunately you cannot change the geography around here! When we got to Lyon we did a walking tour, which was absolutely fascinating.

Then (after a very hearty Lyonnaise meal of pig knuckles and yabbies) we hopped on the TGV to Montpellier. When it was hot...extremely hot. Which was a nice change from the kind of mediocre summer that Lausanne was then enduring.

However, we thought that Montpellier wasn't quite hot enough, so we went on a day trip to Nimes (the biggest best preserved Roman amphitheatre in the world, or so they day), which was an absolute furnace. We visited the three main attractions (big circular thing, the temple, and the tower) and then went to catch our train. But there weren't any trains, since the line had been cut by bushfire. So we spent 4 hours at an Irish pub, and got the 12:30 train standing in a corridor and thanking our lucky stars that we weren't sleeping in the middle of the round thing...

Here we are, at the station and finally leaving the place... The other photos are a bit random, but give you some idea of our trip.