Austrian Wedding (29 - 30 Sept) (22 images)

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The Salzburg train station at 4:30am was pretty empty. 

But that didn't deter us from putting our bags in a locker and walking the streets of Salzburg to find the tourist spots. Amongst them was Mozart's birthplace, and the place where the Sound of Music tour starts.

When the sun came up we realised that we were in the middle of mountains. Again. So we caught the bus to Fuschl and found our hotel and our bed for a 2 hour power nap. Then we got dressed up and went to the service (note the traditional clothing - a popular item for both sexes).

We were generously given a lift to the reception venue, which was halfway up a mountain overlooking the valley, and introduced to the multinational table. What followed was an extremely fun night - punctuated by many breaks for (strange to us) Austrian customs.

Again up at the crack of dawn (ish) and time for a power nap before brunch and the bus, train, plane and car to Villefranca.