Living in Lausanne! (March/April 2007)

Well, not just living in Lausanne... These are the photos that we have accumulated since arriving in Switzerland just over 4 weeks ago. I have broken the photos up into sections with a caption for each - in an attempt to make it easier to follow!

NOTE: I may have mucked up the slideshow order by grouping the photos by subject (ie if you just look at them in sequence they will appear in a different order to that presented on this page).

Click a picture to see a larger view.

Stewart's place in Faellanden (in the snow)

Skiing at Saas Fee and Saas Grund

These two resorts are in the same valley in the Vallais canton. As you can see, there was certainly no shortage of snow when we were there! We skied for half a day at Saas Grund (the small cousin, where we were staying) and a whole day at Saas Fee (an excellent mountain).


The first three photos are of our flat (the inside, the outside and the street). These are followed by lots of lake photos with the mountains in the background (we took a lot of this kind of photo!). Also in the bunch is Kel's work, and the view from her work (I think on one side of the building it is difficult to get motivated to do work!).

Oliver's 18th

Oliver's birthday party was a moving feast - literally. We went from Fransiska's, to the Mexican restaurant, to Iris and Beat's. An absolutely perfect day for sitting out in the sun and looking at the scenary.

Misaki comes for carnival!

Misaki arrived for a day, and he timed it perfectly since it was the final day of Carnivale. Who would have thought that a huge South American festival would find itself in Lausanne? As you can see it was no small affair - worth pointing out in particular is the confetti cannon

Final random item

A very short movie of Kel in a gondola, caused by me pressing 'movie' rather than 'photo'! For those with broadband only!