Ride from Le Pont (15 Sept) (16 images)

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Another in our series of epic Swiss rides. This was the mother of them all - train into the Vallee de Joux, which is already a fairly high station, and then around the lake on a stunning morning.

There was some kind of cow festival, so we had to stop and wait for the steaks to pass. Or they may have been dairy I guess. Riding on the rode they had passed was not particularly fun, since for some reason it was a bit more slippery than normal...oooh, gross.

Then we went up. And up. And up. I am not sure exactly how far, but it was the biggest pass I have ever been over, and at one point I thought we'd be better off just leaving our bikes and walking. Fortunately we made it over the top, and then 22km of downhill to Lake Geneva made up for it!

And a random photo of Kel's new ski boots. She also bought skis, so she is ready to go!