London (17 -20 Aug) (29 images)

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Lots of touristy stuff here, including the London Eye, Big Ben, the houses of parliament and the statue of Nelson in Trafalgar Square. Not bad for a couple of extremely hungover Aussies who had been to bed less than 5 hours before.

Inevitably we crashed physically, and took Ed's kind offer to hear to Camden for lunch. Followed by a very low key visit to the British Museum, and then finding Tower Bridge and a whole lot of red buses for Kel.

Up early the next morning and the rather disappointing changing of the guards. The building was interesting though I guess... We followed up with a Westminster walking tour where we found Oliver Cromwell at the front of Parliament, and an exterior view of the Abbey. We also did a Jack the Ripper walking tour that night, but none of the photos came out very well, so you will just have to take my word to is.

Time on the following morning before our flight to visit the Tate Modern and meet Kat for lunch at Wagamama's. Impressive building, and were happy to hold our bags while we looked around.