Kirsty and Hao (17 Sept - 22 Sept) (54 images)

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A combination of photos from everybody, I have tried to pick a representative sample. First, the Swiss stuff - the cheese, bams and rolex.

People shots - especially the mammoth fondue experience. One moitie moitie and one tomato fondue, with bread and baked potatoes and a crisp cold white wine.

The view shots - by night and day and the childrens playground on the trip home. Also the outdoor escalator beloved by Lambo, and me in front of a lamp shop (I think I liked it because it reminded me of Vietnam).

Hao setting a new world long jump record. Obviously the photo where he keeps flying has been lost...

A quick Swiss political test: is there any symbolism in this sign? Or is it just a story about sheep? If you think the first is true, then you agree with the (public) view of currently the most popular political party in Switzerland.

The vineyards of the Lavaux, where the World Heritage status is still shiny and new. The grapes have been picked as a I type this and the leaves are changing colour, but these photos are just pre harvest.

K and H's day trip to Les Diablorets. 3000m up and a Corin Forest style roller coaster. Looks like fun, so I guess we should go sometime!

The final shots: the best bit of Geneva, Hao's horse steak and some Nyon and Yvoire photos as our travellers made their way to the airport.