Barcelona (1 - 6 October) (72 images)

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Arrival in Spain was low key, since there is no customs and no passport control. Eventually the bags found us, and we could head home for an extremely big sleepin. We dragged ourselves out of bed and into the metropolis of Catalunya. Note the Ramblas, with its pigeons, pet stores and fruit markets.

The Villefranca tour photos - either on the way to lunch or on the way to pick up Hugo (the fourth photo is of his school)-

The Torres wine tour - better than most, and with the obligatory glass of wine at the end. Although strangely in the shop I bought a jacket rather than a bottle of wine, so I may have missed the point slightly.

Brace yourelf, it's Segrada Familia photos! It's hard not to go completely crazy with such an amazing building (estimated completion date 2017 I think). The photos include the actual buidling, as well as the plans (not the controversial proposed train tunnel in the bottom right hand corner) and a poster that shows how much was built in 1955.

Another bunch of Gaudi photos - this time of the Park Guell, which is in the north of the city. Especially notable for the giant lizard, which has become a kind of city emblem (along with the donket - for persistance - and the dragon - from another Gaudi building).

The the Gaudi walking tour (is was a day of Modernisme achitecture). Funky stuff, and justifiably famous. The lamp posts at the end are, believe it or not, Gaudi as well.

The weather was generally good, but I did need to clutch my umbrella outside the Picasso museum while I shower past. The following day we found the beach, although it was too much of a hassle to swim (looked nice enough for those who were though).

And finally the family photos. Hugo and his bike accompanied us to tapas in Villefranca, which was excellent (even though the Catalan menu was hard work). Worth mentioning were the roasted (?) green peppers suggested by Brett, and the Chorizo in cider.