Just a few more Swiss Photos! (July 2007)

We still went a few places in July, but we didn't (ie forgot) to take the camera. We went cycling from Lausanne to Nyon and to Cully, to Zurich for the Zurifaescht fireworks and to the Montreux Jazz Festival for reggae. We also shopped until we dropped in Lausanne, since most importantly we both got paid!

So, for the month of July there is only one outing, but what a spectacular outing it was! A trip on the mountain train up to Rochers-de-Naye (Google Maps; Rochers-de-Naye Website), and the amazing scenary (and cute furry animals) that greeted us on a practically cloudless summer's day.

NOTE: As before the photos have been reordered.

Click a picture to see a larger view.

This was our first view from the top:

No wonder we looked stunned, especially since our transport was leaving straight away:

Fortunately there were cute and furry things to keep us occupied:

...and then there were other things to look at (in the last of the lake photos, you can make out Lausanne through the haze towards the top of the photo). The big lake is Lake Geneva, and the opposite direction is the big Swiss mountains (which will hopefully be covered in white stuff come Winter).

We had lunch, and then found some Edelweiss (the Swiss national flower - you may remember it from the top of our wedding cake - I've never seen it before in the wild, and there were lots of people around us saying the same thing).

Then we walked down to the next train station, through an ex-glacier field and past a sign that said 'Warning: Experienced Walkers Only Beyond This Point!' (Kel and I thought we had enough experience at walking under our belt, so we were ready to take the chance).