More Swiss Photos! (May 2007)

Well, not just living in Lausanne... These are the photos that we have accumulated since arriving in Switzerland just over 4 weeks ago. I have broken the photos up into sections with a caption for each - in an attempt to make it easier to follow!

NOTE: As before the photos have been reordered.

Click a picture to see a larger view.

Lawnmowning at Kel's work

The EPFL doesn't muck around with mechanical mowers! Also, another lake photo and one of hail from our window.

Geneva Saturday

Not sure if there's any symbolism to the giant chair in front of the UN with only three legs...

Montreaux Sunday

Inez came to visit, and we caught the big paddle steamer to Montreaux (from Ouchy, via Vevey) and then the bus to the Chateau Chillon. At which point we went snaphappy!


Stew drove us out to the Rheinfall, and then we stopped in Schaffhausen for lunch.

Round the lake (Lausanne to Evian les Bains)

Distance travelled by bike: 65km. Elapsed time: 3 hr 02 min. Lots of spectacular scenerary along the way, and a nice lunch paid for with Euros! Then the bikes on the boat for the 35 min trip back to Lausanne-Ouchy (of course we had to buy 4 tickets - 2 for us and 2 for the bikes!).