Eurovision 2005

There is less than two weeks until Eurovision 2005, which will be held in the Ukraine. The song contest this year will take place in two parts:

1. The Semi-final - screened in Australia on Friday 20th May

2. The Final - screened in Australia on Sunday 22nd May

This page contains all the vital information for the festivities surrounding this year's contest, with a special emphasis on the Eurovision and Fondue Party, which will be held on Friday 19th May at Shaun and Kel's (but more about that below).

Those completely new to the ESC should read the ESC In A Nutshell information that I have set out on the index page. Everyone else: just dive in to (a * indicates a separate page):

A page setting out allocations of people and countries. Plus a few assessments of the entries this year, completely unprejudiced of course!
The fondue page from last time around. Should still have relevant content, but for a wider discussion of fondue etiquette, you should have a look around the Internet.
  • The Drinking Game (no link yet)
I haven't decided yet whether to change the 2003 rules, but they are probably as good a starting point as any. Stay tuned, I will create a page to fill this gap shortly.

The 2005 Eurovision and Fondue Party

This is the now the fifth year of the event, and the venue seems to change just as much as that of the real contest! After Ed's hospitality last year, we're moving to Shaun and Kel's place (since I figured it was about time I actually hosted the event!).

  • Venue: Shaun and Kel's Place (the address will be in the email I send out)
  • Time and Date: 6:30pm, Friday 19 May 2005
  • How to Prepare: Choose a country; read this web page.
  • What to Bring: Things to drink (alcohol) and dunk (fondue - both the cheese and chocolate varieties). I will look after the fondue (although I reserve the right to delegate!).

You should also make some kind of token effort to support your adopted country for the night. For example, one particularly memorable example from last year was the person supporting Poland, who brought...a pole. Anyway, you can be rest assured I'll be dressed in suitably garish red shirt with a big cow on the front (Roger Federer eat your heart out!).



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