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Update: 12 March 2005

Well, happy belated new year! The update cycle for the site appears to be about once every four months, so here is the autumn (spring if you live in the northern hemisphere) edition of This time it hasn't been me that's been travelling. Nope, it's my parent's Howard and Michaela, who just finished hopping around the world in much less than 80 days! So enjoy the enormous number of new photos from that voyage, as well as a small number of photos that involve me.

And fingers' crossed another update is on the way shortly. The motivation this time will come from Eurovision 2005, which will take place over two nights in Kiev on 19 (Semi-final) and 21 (Final) May. I'm looking forward to that already! In the meantime, the old Eurovision page is still here, so feel free to recap memories as a way to begin preparation for this year (which, as has seemed to be the pattern of late, is the biggest yet).

Something Old

Well, it's hard to get something older than the heads on Easter Island. Still mysterious, and very tragic, they loom over the landscape. You really just have to ask "why?". I suspect the answer is probably that it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

Something New

The lawyer on the left is brand new. This photo is just after the admission ceremony, in which I joined the ranks of those admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

Something High

In keeping with the lost civilisations theme, here is another one, from a different continent. South America, and the city in the clouds. A different story to Easter Island, but ultimately the same, little more than monolith, legacy. You can look at a bigger version (and a few other photos) in the Photos Section.

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